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Visichat let's you upload various images, flash animations and video, and mp3s to your chat. Both the control panel and the chat client have flexible file uploading capabilities. In the chatroom, sharing items is as easy as clicking an appropriate icon, and you can get a quick overview of what your users can upload on the Visichat Features page. By contrast there is a number of sections in the control panel where you can upload certain files. So let's have a look at them now.

Control panel shortcuts are given in the following format: Menu Option->Section Name. Where Menu Option is directly located on the control panel menu bar, and Section Name is an item in the list of options that appears on mouse-over.

1 IP to Country is a simple text file used to store a comma separated list of IP addresses. It has the .csv format. These addresses map to countries and let the webmaster use the Ban Country feature of the control panel.

Privacy->IP to Country

You can download a copy of this file from the link given under the upload form, to get started. It's also a good idea to periodically get the latest version of this file for the most up-to-date mappings.

2 Avatars refer to the stock images and animations made available for your users to choose from for their profile picture. The stock avatars library can contain swf, gif, jpg, or png files. The first format supports animation, and the rest are for static images. If your gif avatar has animation, you should convert it to an swf file via Flash or a converter to preserve it.


3 Banners for the chatroom support exactly the same formats as Avatars. Look in Ad Banners to learn what the other settings do.


4 Games sections let's you upload Flash games to your chatroom. Flash games must all be in the swf format, while thumbnails shown in the games gallery can be any of the static image formats discussed above.


Have a look in Games Managements to learn how to configure your games gallery.

'5 Media Player is the place to setup your music and video playback. It accepts mp3 files for music and flv for video, with or without sound. Media Player guide is available to help you get started with your chat's jukebox.

Misc->Media Player

6 Group Icons support the same image formats as above.


To upload an icon for a group, click the edit link of the group you want updated. Then press Choose file next to the Icon label. Then click Save.

Lastly, you can upload Skins, the Smiley File and Widgets in similar ways.

Misc->Smiley File

See Chat Skins, Smiley File and Widgets guides for further information.

Remember: to edit the default skin and smiley file, or to create new ones compatible with the software, you will need the Flash source codes for the Visichat version you are running.
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