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How to Install VisiChat
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Preparing to Install

  1. Download the Visichat software package from the Customers Portal.
  2. Unzip all files, preserving the directory structure of the original archive, and upload them to your website via an FTP client or other means.
  3. It's not necessary to upload the com folder, visichat.fla, smiley.fla or loader.fla files.
  4. Launch your web browser and open install.php to start the installation script. This page is normally located at; where yourchatuploadurl is the web address of the chat upload site and chat is your chat name.

You should see the first screen of the installation script. Please carefully read and accept the displayed terms and conditions of the software. After this is done, you can click Start Installation to proceed.

Visichat Installation Terms and Conditions

Entering the License Key

Visichat License Key

The second step of the installation script will prompt you for your Product Key. This is your Visichat license number. You can enter it here or copy and paste it directly from Customers Portal->My Licenses. When the key is in the text field, press Continue.

 If you get a failed validation notification, verify the following:
 1) Is the '''domain name''' you're trying to install Visichat to registered for the license key?
 2) Does the '''application IP''' for the license key match your present Red5 server IP address?

 To check these details:
 1) Go to '''Customers Portal''' at [ VisiChat Hosting Website];
 2) Login with your email and password (if you don't have a password or lost it, Contact Support to reset it);
 3) Go to '''My Licenses''';
 4) Click on the Visichat license key you're trying to use.
 If details didn't match:
 1)Scroll through the form to check the registered '''domain name''' and '''application IP''' fields;
 2)Edit one or both fields if needed and save the form (you can do this up to 10 times per license or license renewal);
 3)Go back to the Visichat installer's product key screen;
 4)Try the key again and it should validate. 

Creating config.php and setting required permissions

Keep the browser window with the install script open and using your SSH client navigate to the chat's upload directory via the command line, this is normally something like /install/red5/webapps/videochat/. To confirm that you are in the right place, run the following command at the prompt:

[$]# ls
Output should be: admin  docs  files  images  index.php  install loader.swf  scripts  swf  

If your output is different from the above, you may be in the wrong directory. Navigate back up a few levels and orient yourself using the ls command if necessary to ensure you are creating config.php in the right location.

To create the config.php file, type in the following command:

[$]# touch config.php

No message will be issued when the file is created, so double check that it's definitely present by using ls again:

[$]# ls 
Output should be: admin	    docs   images     install	  scripts
config.php  files  index.php  loader.swf  swf  

Set read, write and execute permissions for config.php'; most importantly ensure that the file can be written to. To set the necessary permissions, use the following command:

[$]# chmod 777 config.php

Do the same for the files folder and its sub-folders. You can use the following recursive command achieve this:

[$]# chmod 777 files -Rf

Install PHP Components

The following components must be installed next:

  1. PHP GD Library
  2. PHP MySQL Library
  3. PHP cURL Library
  4. IonCube Loader

If you have not done so yet, please follow PHP Configuration and IonCube Loader Installation tutorials to install the necessary PHP components.

If you have done everything correct up to this point, your install script screen should now update itself to look like the screenshot below.

VisiChat Installation Permission
Permissions and configuration install screen.


Should you see any items on this screen indicated in red, then please go back to the relevant step and double check your actions follow the instructions precisely.

When all indicators are shown in green, i.e. you have set the permissions and installed all necessary PHP components correctly, press Continue.

MySQL database and Red5 application setup

Video CHat Database
MySQL and Red5 app configuration.


This step is in four parts:

Part 1
Using your SSH client or other means, create a blank MySQL database for your chat; use a logical, easy to remember name, preferably that of your chat; after the blank database is created, enter the database name, username and password in the appropriate fields of the form.

Part 2
Enter the default chat admin account details; this consists of default admin's username (Admin panel username), password(Admin panel password) and its verification (Confirm your password).

Part 3
Enter your Red5 server IP address in IPv4 format; unless you are installing multiple chats on the same server, it's fine to keep the default application name.

Part 4
Keep the install script window open; open a new browser window and go to your Customers Portal account page; log in; under My Licenses click on the license entry for the chat you are installing and double check that the details in the install script match the details shown here. If they do, you can go back to the install script. If details do not match, update your Customers Portal details accordingly before continuing with the installation. Below is an example of what you should double check.

Example Of Customer Detail


When the database and app configuration form is fully filled out and the details entered have been verified, press Continue to proceed. The database installation will now begin for your chat. Please wait for it to finish fully. Do not attempt to refresh or close your browser session at this stage - this will interrupt the installation and will cause issues. When the database installation is completed, you will be automatically taken to the next screen. Be patient. The speed of this process will depend on the hardware capabilities and speed of your server, and it may take a while to complete.

Configuring Red5 Application

This is the final step in the GChat Visichat installation script for a single chat (installing multiple chats is covered in a separate section, please see below). The screen should display the contents of the config.xml file for you to use.

VisiChat Install Config

Copy the displayed text on to the clipboard (CTRL+A, then CTRL+C inside the box, for example). Paste it into the file located at:


You can use a command line text editor such as nano to do this via SSH. Save the changes to the config.xml.

Now you can move the videochat folder from the install directory to the webapps folder of your Red5 server. This can be done using the following command:

[$]# mv /install/red5/webapps/videochat/ /opt/red5/webapps/

Restart your Red5 for the changes to take effect. Follow the Red5 instructions in the troubleshooting section if you are not sure how to do this. After Red5 is restarted, the installation is complete. Click Finish to end the installation script.

You can now navigate to your chat's admin panel and configure it for the first time, the address is normally You should now also remove the install folder, unless you are installing more chats on the same server

How to install multiple chats on the same server

To install multiple chats on the same Red5 server you must use a different name for each chat, have a separate license for each chat  and hence have domain details for each chat registered with GChat.
You cannot use one product key for multiple chats.
  • 1 Contact us to register you new domain name and order a new license.
  • 2 Unzip and upload all files to a new folder on your website, as before. Or if you already have a Visichat installation folder on your server, rename it; for example, say we called our new chat videochat-2:
To rename install/red5/webapps/videochat to install/red5/webapps/videochat-2 via SSH
Use: [$]#mv install/red5/webapps/videochat install/red5/webapps/videochat-2
  • 3 Run in your browser to begin installation as described above, proceed with the steps using your new chat folder to apply permissions to and your newly got license key until you reach MySQL Database and Red5 configuration screen. Remember to create a separate MySQL database via SSH for your new chat. Enter the details for your new chat here. Proceed to the next screen, which gives you the XML content for config.xml.
  • 4 Copy the config.xml content which you got from installer into /install/red5/webapps/videochat-2/WEB-INF/config.xml and save it.
  • 6Open /install/red5/webapps/videochat-2/WEB-INF/ file in a text editor, like nano, via SSH, and edit the following line:
    • Change webapp.contextPath=/videochat to webapp.contextPath=/videochat-2 (name of your new chat, see note above) .
    • webapp.virtualHosts=* should remain like this.

Red5 Web


videochat-2 is an example name we have been using so far, if you are calling your other chat something else, as before, replace videochat-2 with  the name you are using.
  • 7 Open install/red5/webapps/videochat-2/WEB-INF/web.xml in a text editor.
  • 8 Find names of the old chat enclosed in <display-name> and <param-value> tags and change both to the name of your new chat, in our case this is still videochat-2; for example:
Web XML file properties.


  • 9 Finish the installation, and delete the install folder and install.php file for the new chat. This is recommended for security reasons and you should always remove installation files from your server when you are finished with them, to prevent a third party from maliciously or inadvertently re-running the install script.
  • 10 Now you can proceed as before. In our example we would copy /install/red5/webapps/videochat-2 to /opt/red5/webapps/videochat-2:
[$]# mv /install/red5/webapps/videochat-2 /opt/red5/webapps/videochat-2
  • 11 Restart your Red5 server.

Repeat the steps for as many chats as needed.

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